Community Guidelines.

Tribe is an inclusive, non-discriminative platform with the goal to provide equal opportunities in the health and social care industry as well as providing the best support possible in your community. All users must adhere to the Tribe Terms of Service, Tribe Agreement and Community Guidelines.

Tribe Agreement

Care & Quality Standards

Tribe doesn't directly employ the carers and support providers we work with, instead, we match customers who require care and support with those from our network. All paid care and support providers on the Tribe platform are assessed before being allowed to perform duties for our customers and go through the required training and standards that Tribe sets out in line with the Health & Social Care Act.

Tribe facilitates and help's you manage your care and support, as stress-free as possible, through the applied use of Tribe's technology and extensive support network.

Everybody on Tribe adhere to the Tribe Terms of Service, Tribe Agreement and Community Guidelines to perform at the highest standard possible. Our care and support providers, along with family members, social workers, informal carers, and local authorities, manage the care and support through Tribe's platform. This includes personal care, risk assessments, service agreements, continuation of care assessments and anything else required to make sure the recipient is safe, happy and comfortable.

Good Conduct

Tribe believes everyone using the Platform should conduct themselves well, and with honesty and integrity. We hope that by following these simple guidelines everyone using the Platform will demonstrate good standards of behaviour and attitude towards one another.

Privacy and Dignity

Tribe believes everyone has the right to expect to be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

Communication and Recording

Tribe believes good communication is at the heart of everything we do and is one of our most valuable skills.

Person Centred Support

Tribe recognises that everyone using the Platform has their own individual strengths, assets, abilities, and resources and aims to support people to maximise those strengths and abilities and make the most of their resources and local communities to improve their wellbeing.

Positive Risk Taking

Taking risks is a normal part of everyday life for everyone. Some risks may seem small, others large or even reckless, but all can be carefully measured and mitigated. Positive risk taking is a process that starts with the identification of potential benefit or harm. The desired outcome is to encourage and support people in positive risk taking to achieve personal change or growth.

Capacity and Consent

Tribe recognises that we all have a fundamental right to make our own decisions, even unwise ones, whilst accepting that for some, in certain situations, that might not be possible, and we might need to act in their best interests.

First Aid, Essential Health, and Safety

Although Tribe does not employ volunteers or support providers directly, we have a responsibility in making sure reasonable care is taken to prevent causing harm to others in the community. As a volunteer or support provider, you have a duty of care to all those receiving help. This means promoting wellbeing and making sure that people are kept safe from harm, abuse and injury.

Tribe believes there are some essentials we should all be aware of to keep ourselves and others safe and well.


Safeguarding is a term used to describe the abuse or neglect of someone who might find it harder to protect themselves because of their age, frailty, or health or support needs. Tribe is committed to ensuring everyone who uses the Platform remains safe and that any incidents of abuse or neglect are raised and responded to quickly.

Comments, Compliments and Complaints

Tribe welcomes feedback. We believe your feedback will help us to improve the quality of the service we offer and help to keep those using the Platform safe.

Diversity & Inclusion

Tribe is fully committed to respecting and valuing differences and expects everyone who joins the Platform to offer or receive support, to do the same.

Contact us

You can contact us by mail, email or the Tribe Resolution Centre located in the Tribe app

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