Find Care and Support to Help You, Be You

Take a look at how Tribe can help you find, manage and personalise your care and support, or jump straight in and search the directory.

Helping You,
Be You

We believe that Tribe is much more than a marketplace that merely connects those seeking care with care providers. We understand that everyone is different, and you will have specific requirements to the way you want support.

Finding care and support isn't about finding a succession of strangers with the right qualifications. Finding someone who is an expert in you is far more beneficial - someone to help you, be you.

How Tribe Can
Help You

Find Your Perfect Support

Shape how you want to be supported. Find and manage local support providers that suit your requirements.

Manage All Your Needs

Manage your care and support requirements, agreements, schedules and payments all in one place.

Monitor Your Loved Ones

Integrate non-intrusive and private smart devices to help your loved ones remain independent in their home.

Take Your Pick

Search 1000's of support providers, community services and groups across the Tribe network for care and support to suit your way of life.

“Using Tribe, I was able to find a local care provider to help look after my partner, who has very specific needs. This has certainly lifted a huge weight from my shoulders.”

Alison Roberts

Found a specialist care provider for multiple sclerosis

A Care and Support System Designed for Everyone

Our Commitment to Your Safety

Our community of support providers are verified, recruited, trained and supported so they can help you get the support you require.

We make sure that everyone adheres to our community guidelines and standards, that is inclusive, friendly, and above all, safe for everyone.


All of our support providers go through a standards check before carrying out any work in the community.

The Benefits of Choosing Tribe

Better Value

What you spend goes directly to your support and not used to maintain company running costs.

Ethical Employment

Support providers will be able to develop consistent relationships with you and focus on what you want.

Personalised Support

Choose who supports you and how, rather than having to accept support from a succession of strangers.

Groups and Services

You will have access to help groups and support services near to you that can help with your specific needs.

24/7 Support

Whether it's a 30-minute visit, a one-off, or 24/7 support, you get support whenever you require it.

Support Management

You will have full visibility and control over the support you receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

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