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You Need

Whether you’re after help from a local volunteer or require a full 24/7 support service, find verified people around you who can help.

How Does It Work?

  • 1Get the AppSearch Tribe Online for support or get Tribe on Android or iOS .
  • 1Call for HelpSearch for people in your community that can help you or create a call for help and post it to the community.
  • 2Receive HelpSelect someone from your community who has offered the support you need.

Flexible Support

Tribe puts you in control of the support you receive. Choose who and how you are supported by networks of volunteers and professional support providers in your community. Support is personalised to your needs and flexible to changing support requirements.

Your support can lessen or grow as your needs change, from a 30-minute visit, a one-off job that you need help with, through to round-the-clock 24/7 support.

We know that it can be very difficult to ask for help. Your friendly Tribe community is there to walk you through your support and personal need options.

Care That's Not Costly

Tribe cuts out the high running costs of care companies. Using Tribe, you can create your own personalised care package to suit your needs.

Support is offered by both professional carers and local volunteers, which allows communities to build close relationships and deliver higher quality support.

Our model is sustainable, we deliver more value to consumers and support ethical self-employment models which will create new roles people enjoy and prosper from.


  • More ChoiceYou will see all the support providers within your community and can choose who you want help from.
  • Service SignpostingYou will have access to services near to you that can help with your specific needs.
  • 24/7 SupportWhether it's a 30-minute visit, a one-off, or 24/7 support, you get support whenever you require it.
  • Support ManagementYou will have full visibility and control over the support you receive.


  • Better ValueWhat you spend goes directly to your support and not used to maintain company running costs.
  • Support Ethical Self-employmentThey will be able to develop consistent relationships with you and focus on what you want.
  • High Quality Personalised SupportChoose who supports you and how, rather than having to accept support from a succession of strangers.
  • More IndependenceChoosing when to get up, eat, sleep, and socialise. Support providers can even assist you on outings.


Common questions about Tribe

How quickly can I receive support?
As quickly as you need it. It takes just a minute to create a call for help and is sent out to the community instantly. You choose who you want to receive help from and the time.
Who will be my support provider?
Who ever you choose. Tribe isn't a care company, it is a facilitator to those who need help and those who can help. You take your pick of the support providers around you.
Do I have to pay anything?
Yes and No. You can put out voluntary and paid opportunities, pay support providers directly or use care package credits through your local council. Tribe is a free platform and so the only cost is for your personalised support.
Why is Tribe different to other platforms?
Tribe isn't like a Facebook group or a volunteering app. Think of it more like an Uber for support. Tribe will bring skilled community support providers to national ‘dark patches’ where administrative costs are prohibitive or no support provision exists. We will drop the barriers to paid support work - People in rural and high inequality areas can receive industry recognised support skills with an opportunity for continuous training and development meaning that the person supporting you is fully qualified and able to meet your needs. Tribe will ultimately make your support experience more personal.

Get the Help You Need

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