Help Those
Around You

Volunteer your time and skills to make a difference in your community, or become a paid carer through our adaptive training programme.

How Does It Work?

  • 1Get StartedCreate a Tribe account on Browser, Windows PC, Mac, Android or iOS apps.
  • 2SearchSearch for opportunities to help those around you. You can dedicate as little or as much time as you like.
  • 3ApplyOnce you’ve found someone to help, offer to help them and make their day by giving the care that they need.

What is Tribe?

Tribe is a smartphone application that allows you to access voluntary and paid care opportunities in your area. It makes impactful work accessible and takes just a few minutes to sign up and start making a difference in your community.

New volunteers have access to low-level support work, which can alleviate social isolation and enable people remain in their homes for longer. Already a carer, or DBS checked volunteer? No problem, you can verify your accrediations during sign-up.

Get Better Opportunities

As you complete voluntary opportunities, paid jobs and training courses, you widen your search results for more paid opportunities. You can start a career in care with minimal knowledge and skills and become a skilled professional through the Tribe Adaptive Training Programme.


  • Local OpportunitiesYou don't need to go far to help those in need. Tribe shows you opportunities local to you.
  • Adaptive TrainingDevelop the skills and knowledge required by your community, through immersive training.
  • Direct Payments & RewardsTribe enables and supports entrepreneurs delivering high-quality, personalised care.
  • Client ManagementBecome a career carer and manage the clients that you care for and look after regularly.

Who Needs Help?

Tribe helps you find local people in need of support, whether you are providing professional care services or offering your time as a volunteer.
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  • Advance Your CareerWhether you're a professional carer or just starting out, Tribe can help advance your career.
  • Builds the CommunityRe-invigorate community spirit by creating lasting relationships through Tribe.
  • Greater CareTribe delivers a wider choice and better value for consumers, and a fairer model for hard-working carers.
  • Ends LonelinessNo one should feel they have no one to turn to. Become a carer and end loneliness in your community.


Common questions about Tribe

How do I become a paid professional carer?
If you are already a professional carer, then you can carry on right where you left off. Newcomers will be required to complete initial adaptive training and volunteering opportunites to begin a career in paid care. Once you have completed volunteering opportunities in your community, have passed a DBS check and are enrolled in the adaptive training programme, you will start to receive paid opportunities.
Why is Tribe different to other platforms?
Tribe isn't like a Facebook group or a volunteering app. Think of it more like an Uber for care. Tribe will bring skilled community carers to national ‘dark patches’ where administrative costs are prohibitive or no care provision exists. We will drop the barriers to paid care work - People in rural and high inequality areas can receive industry recognised care skills with an opportunity for continuous training and development.
How many opportunities will there be?
It depends on the area in which you live. Tribe will only give you opportunities for your local community to help create a stronger and independent neighbourhood and so the opportunities are dependant on how many people require help around you.
Who employs me?
Care providers are essentially self-employed. Tribe is a facilitator of volunteering and paid opportunities. The roles Tribe will create and grow show the benefits of genuine self-employment: autonomy, choice of who to work with, flexibility, being able to develop consistent relationships with people and families and focusing on what people want. In these roles, more public and families’ own money goes directly into the front line and stays in the community.
How much can I get paid?
This depends on the type and amount of opportunities you are applying for in your community. The aim is to directly pay carers, and because you're self-employed', you should get paid more than you would than if you were working for a company as there are no rising cost pressures.

Help Those Around You

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